PC Mender Powerline Adapter

PC Mender Powerline Adapter

• Power line replaces the cable, no need for additional wiring, Every power outlet can be a network interface .
• 500Mbps transfer rate, signal is stable, low latency, network comprehensive coverage.
• Easy to use, no need to setup, just plug and play.
• Under the same meter, the transmission distance up to 300 meters or more, the coverage up to 450 square meters.
• Give priority ensuring the audio & video transmission for online gaming.
• 128-bit AES encryption, data transmission is secure and reliable.
• 100V-240V wide voltage can be used in most countries.
• The world's smallest, extremely mini.
• Green, no radiation, low on power.

500Mbps transfer rate, 300m transfer distance

Pc Mender powerline adapter transfers data signals through power at 500Mbps
Supporting up to 8 users to simultaneously access ,to meet the demand of high bandwidth applications.

Pc Mender powerline adapter can transfer distance up to 300M, covering an area of 450 square meters to meet the needs of long-range data transmission.

No wiring, no blind spots
Pc Mender powerline adapter can effectively solve the difficult problem of network cabling, using existing power lines for data transmission. Such as hotels, duplex apartment.

Pc Mender powerline adapter can be a good supplement as wireless systems cannot completely cover, blind spots, or poor cover, eliminate blind spots. Such as a large area of housing, apartments, villas.

High quality of network supporting, audio and video can not be replaced
Pc Mender powerline adapter gives better support the application environments which high demand for network latency, provide a stable, good effect. such as online video, IPTV, online games.

AES encryption to protect network data security
Pc Mender powerline adapter supports 128-bit AES encryption, via hardware button, the software interface to set the network password, divided into separate private network to ensure the security of data transmission.

Power-saving, environmentally friendly and no radiation
Pc Mender powerline adapter has built-in intelligence to detect, when the device is shut down or standby mode, it will automatically enter power saving mode, you can save up to 65% power.

Beautiful appearance, the smallest size on the market
the outward appearance is totally enclosed, top grade and beautiful. The dimensions is world's smallest, extremely-MINI, movable& portable. Effective control of the heat.

Easy installation, Easy to maintain
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